RUFF is the North End Dog Owners Group. We are a group of pet friendly neighbors who take pride in our neighborhood. We welcome new neighbors and share news of the North End. We help one another, support each other and band together…. we are neighbors who love our dogs and enjoy each other.

Our guiding principles

  • Relationships with dogs and other companion animals have numerous benefits to individuals of all ages, and to the community at large.
  • With dog ownership comes responsibility, not only to promote the health and welfare of one’s dog, but also to ensure that one’s dog does not adversely affect the safety of others.

North End R.U.F.F’s mission

  • Advocating for the rights and interests of Boston dog owners.
  • Promoting responsible dog ownership, emphasizing respect for the rights and interests of neighbors and the community and the welfare of our companion animals.
  • Educating the community about dog behavior and other factors influencing canine-human interactions.
  • Working to promote safe, healthy recreational venues for dogs on- and off-leash in Boston, enabling responsible dog owners to exercise and socialize their dogs.


Get updated on our events and connect to our members by visiting our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RuffNorthEndDogGroup

You can also send questions or comments to info@ruffboston.org