our mission


R.U.F.F. (Responsible Urbanites For Fido) is a group of volunteer dog lovers whose mission is to work towards healthy dog living and work with the community to better neighborhood relations. RUFF promotes responsible dog ownership, dog education, and outreach within their community. RUFF is made up of friendly, welcoming, respectful, diverse and active members. Our goals are to clean up and educate our neighborhood and provide owners with an accessible place to exercise their dogs thereby providing an area for community-building socializing.

As RUFF members, we agree to a set of standards in which we raise our dogs and cohabitate with our neighbors. All RUFF dogs are vaccinated and licensed with the city of Boston. Members respect neighbor’s property and community parks where children play. RUFF promotes community clean-ups and day-to-day prudence with cleaning up after one's dog. Simply, RUFF wants to highlight the benefits of dog ownership and show North End community that bot h dogs and humans can share a small but wonderful neighborhood.